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It’s not as impossible as it seems. Let me tell you about an amazing investment called the FOREX. In the FOREX market it is not uncommon to see such high profits for one simple reason – leverage. For every dollar that you have in your pocket, you can control up to $200 in the market for free!!! There are no commissions, nor interest charged and the profit that you make, is all yours to keep!!! The big banks have kept this investment secret from the public for decades, but now it is widely available to the public thanks to the internet and online software that allows you to get in and out of the market in seconds!

But, wait a second, I hear you say. Why would the banks lend me $200 to trade in the market without having to pledge my life and soul to pay it back, at interest rates as high as mount Everest? They let you get away with this because they make profit on the small difference between buying and selling price. Since majority of traders get in and out of the market several times per week and even per day, those few dollars add up.

Ok, I know you’re pretty curious by now, but what is the FOREX? FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange. It is an electronic market for trading currencies.

How is it possible to buy and sell currencies? Let me give you an example. Let’s pretend you have a dollar in your hand. It just a coin, but what is it really worth to you? The value of dollar can be expressed in how many packs of gum you can get with it or in a more practical way, in how many units of another currency it can be exchanged to. If you’ve traveled to United States you know that they give about 75 cents for one of our Canadian dollars. Therefore we can say that $1 Canadian costs 75¢ cents US.

Now let, I show you just how it is possible to double your money in a day.

Every day the price of a Canadian dollar moves up and down by about a cent, which you can check out at pip-bandit as by the way. Big deal, who cares? Not so fast! Each cent represents 100 point of price movement. The more money you invest, the more money each point brings you.

Let’s say that you’ve invested $1,000. $1000 / 100 points = $10 per point. Now, if you take that 1¢ price movement again, you will see that you just made $1,000 dollars. 100 points x $10 dollars = $1,000. You have just doubled your money in a day!

Take that original $1,000 + $1,000 profit and invest it again. You have total of $2,000 to invest with now.
$2,000 / 100 points = $20 per point. You put in the trade, go off and work on your tan for a few hours, come back and wow! – You’ve made another 100 points. Which means that you’ve doubled your money again? You now have $4,000 in your account – which is what most engineers make per month. You’re now free to enjoy the rest of your month thanks to your two trades!

WARNING – This method is not for people who want to work hard for their money. However, if you want to enjoy your life more and get unheard of profits with a few clicks of a mouse – read on!

Is it really that easy? Don’t I have to have a Ph.D. in economics in order to understand the market and get in and out at the right time? Not if you follow a system. I’ve been trading the markets for years and let me tell you it wasn’t easy at the beginning because there are so many “experts” out there that are teaching people how to trade without trading the markets themselves. I’ve bought pretty much every trading course on the planet and applied the methods I learned to the market. Finally after much trial and error I’ve designed a system that accurately predicts the price movement 80% of the time and to my surprise it was the easiest system to follow compared to the other books that I’ve read. Now, by following my system exactly, I’m convinced that anyone can achieve the results that I have (to see my trading record click HERE).

What’s great is by following this system is that you’ll only need to spend 30 min a day on it at the most. Once you’ve set up the trade and given your computer the instructions on when to get in and out – you’re free to do anything you wish for the rest of the day.

Is it risky? No, as long as you’re following the system. Remember, there will be times when you’ll lose some money in the market (remember, the system makes money 80% of the time), but your losses will be significantly lower than you’re profits. In fact, in my course I’ll show you a method of eliminating the possibility of loss all together, so even in the worst case you’ll be able to get out of the trade even (without any profit or loss).euro coin

In my “The Keys to Profitable Trading” course I reveal all the secrets of becoming a successful trader and share the inside information that will help you to profit from trading the FOREX market. It’s available as an online course and as a live seminar where my students and I analyze the market and trade live. If you would like to find out more about the course, you’re welcome to join me in a free seminar in order to see how the FOREX market works and find out more information about this amazing opportunity.
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5 of Our Favorite Ways to Hunt/Cook Elk

The elk or wapiti is one of the largest species of deer in the world. The elk is a beautiful and majestic animal that lives in forested areas of North America, feeding on grasses, plants, leaves, and bark. Some cultures revere the elk as spiritual force, but throughout human history, the elk has also been an important source of food as the meat of the elk is very lean and very high in protein and often times when you’re out there you will come across arrowheads while hunting.

Now we will take a look at the top five ways to cook elk meat. We’ve also got some great recipes listed on the site if you’re looking for something with a bit more detail.


Let’s first take a look at frying. One of the best cuts of elk meat is a lean steak, and these are perfect when seasoned and fried in olive oil. You can also marinate your steaks to given them extra flavor. When you are frying elk meat it is important to regularly baste or use a lot of oil as because it is such a lean meat there is a risk that it will dry out while cooking.

Slow Cooking

Slow cooking is another popular way of cooking elk meat. Slow cooking is a great way of bringing together a lot of deep rich flavors and letting them combine slowly as they cook over an extended period. In addition, slow cooking really helps toughen up some of the tougher parts of elk (and other game) meat. Add bacon, salt, pork, or garlic cloves to your elk meat and your kitchen will soon be filled with a tempting aroma, believe it or not I found out this tip over at the arrowhead shop. When using this method you need to keep a watchful eye on your cooking as the elk meat has a lower fat content than other meats that you might be used to, the cooking time required will be considerably shorter.


Smoking the elk meat is a very ancient and effective way of cooking the elk meat. Everyone has their own special smoking recipe, but generally the tips will include wrapping it in bacon, injecting it with broth, using a water pan, and coating it with a glaze all designed to produce a tender and moist smoked elk meat that delivers that smokey goodness barbecue flavor that everyone loves.


Roasting a joint of elk meat, which is sometimes considered archaichttp://www.arrowheadshop.com/archaic-arrowheads/  is another practical way of preparing this lean and healthy meat. Using a deep roasting tray, you can use a similar approach to when cooking a large joint of beef but you will need to baste the joint regularly as the low fat content in elk means that there is a tendency for it to dry out during cooking. Some people recommend covering with baking foil to help retain the moisture.


Our fifth method of cooking elk meat is to stir-fry the meat in a wok. Using a high heat, the meat will cook quickly. Flavor your stir fry with soy sauce, chili, ginger and garlic to bring those tasty Asian aromas to your kitchen. Serve with stir-fried vegetables such as onions and peppers, and add some rice or noodles on the side for a delicious meal that is also extremely healthy.

Those are some of our favorite methods to cook elk, but there are so many others out there. There are tons of great recipes out there, some call for cutting into the elk with an arrowhead  which is considered some old ancient technique.


They wrote a great song

LOCAL Heroes Parkway Drive rocked the stage at Byron Bay High School on Thursday night.

What began as a compilation of heavy acts and international pop-punk bands ended as a typical hardcore show of which Byron fans just can’t seem to get enough.

Parkway Drive’s homecoming attracted a massive turnout and, with the second Parkway Drive DVD being filmed on this tour, the crowd went crazy in for a show unlikely to be forgotten.

Byron Bay hardcore has always been known as being different from the rest but this stunning visual performance took it to the next level.

From the usual rubber boats and surfboard stage dives to shark suits and the odd streaker, it was a show well worth capturing on film.

Also on the all-star bill were Ohio’s heaviest Miss May, who exceeded everyone’s expectations and pumped up the crowd for the main act.

The odd band out was supposedly Philadelphia punk rockers, The Wonder Years. However, they put on an amazing/superior show that gave the night a different flavor, as well as everything the punk rockers wanted.

Although this is likely the final Parkway Drive homecoming date for the year as they head over to Europe in the coming months, it was an unforgettable night for every single person there.

The crowd gave it everything they had and brought a new level of madness to the high school, with some of the biggest stage dives around, leaving everyone looking forward to the release of the DVD, where they can relive all the memories over and over.

Parkway Drive Byron Bay’s biggest export

Parkway Drive has become huge in the past year.

They have sold out 10,000 plus shows, multiple worldwide headlining tours and had gold and platinum record sales .

Band members

Ben Gordon drums (Since 2002)

Luke Kilpatrick guitar (Since 2002)

Jeff Ling guitar (Since 2002)

Winston McCall vocals (Since 2002)

Jia O’Connor bass guitar (Since 2006)


Studio albums

Killing with a Smile (2005, Epitaph Records)

Horizons (2007, Epitaph Records)

Deep Blue (2010, Epitaph Records)


Don’t Close Your Eyes (2004, Resist Records)


Parkway Drive: The DVD (2009, Epitaph Records)



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